Can Two Pizzas Save This iPad from a 100ft Drop?

Believe it or not, dropping iPhones and other high-end gadgets from extreme heights has become somewhat of a sport on YouTube, at least for the guys over at the GizmoSlip channel. After dropping numerous devices protected only by bizarre items like LEGO cases or solid blocks of ice, the guys are back with a new video in which they find out if an iPad Pro can survive a 100ft fall... while sandwiched between two pizzas.

Watch as the guys take a working Rose Gold iPad Pro and place it between two greasy, extra cheesy pizzas, then drop it 100ft from the top of a parking garage. While you'd think putting an iPad in contact with a pizza would be a great way to destroy the device, it turns out the pies actually provide quite a bit of protection. In fact, there's miraculously no serious physical damage to the iPad after the extreme drop, at least on the outside. When the guys retrieve it from the pavement, however, it fails to power on.

In other words, the answer appears to be no. Two pizzas -- even with the added heft of extra cheese and so-called "Chicago-style" crust -- cannot save an iPad Pro from a 100ft fall. The lack of damage on the outside of the device, however, is impressive. Good luck with at the Genius Bar, though...

Despite the loss of a perfectly good iPad (it looks like they managed to salvage the pizza), you have to admit the saucy slap when it all hits the ground is pretty damn satisfying. 

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Tony Merevick is Cities News Editor at Thrillist and really wants pizza now. And maybe an iPad Pro, too. Send news tips to and follow him on Twitter @tonymerevick.