The Biggest, Fastest Dive Coaster in the World Will Go 80 MPH, Drop You 245 Feet

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Roller coasters are only getting bigger and more frightening, and soon Canada will be home to the mother of them all. The Yukon Striker is coming to Canada's Wonderland and it looks like an absolute behemoth. 

The theme park located in Ontario, Canada has released various graphic and video renderings of the coaster and listed a few of its jarring and record-breaking specs on its website: When the Yukon Striker opens in early 2019, it will boast the fastest speed of any dive coaster on the planet as it fizzes through the course at 80mph. A 245-foot, 90-degree drop will add to the sheer sense of trepidation, making it the world's steepest incline on any roller coaster. It is Canada's first dive coaster, and the 17th roller coaster at the theme park. 

There's also some structural aspects that put the Yukon Striker in a league of its own. The coaster's massive 90 degree drop shoots straight into an underground tunnel flanked by water on all sides, and the course's winding 3,625 feet of metal makes it the longest dive coaster ever built. Plus, the coaster forms a 360-degree loop, giving riders a sense of terrifying deja vu once they disembark with their limbs shaking. 

“This is the largest capital investment we’ve made in our park since opening,” Wonderland’s General Manager Norm Pirtovshek said in a press release. “We’re excited to offer world-class thrills and a truly unique experience for our guests next year.”

If the video above isn't enough to start a mild case of tachycardia, maybe some of the following tweets can: 

The Yukon Striker will come crashing through the Ontario sky when it opens for the 2019 season.

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