These People Dumped a Mountain of Manure in Their Yard to Get Revenge on Their Neighbors

If you’re feuding with your neighbors, consider dumping a mountain of manure in your backyard, and then act like all is normal. That’s what Lee and Shirley Murray -- a farming couple who live in rural New Brunswick, Canada -- did during a spat with the people next door.  

In the midst of a long-standing squabble with their neighbors, the Murrays loaded their yard with a steaming turd pile so big it registered on Google Maps. The manure was moist, which meant that the stench was often “unbearable,” according to a complaint filed in Canadian court by David and Joan Gallant -- the couple who bore the brunt of the Murrays' stinky, stinky wrath.

The judge presiding over the case told the Calgary Herald that the Murrays' mean-streak didn’t end there: The poo-dwelling couple allegedly used a snowblower to send snow and rocks over to the Gallants' property, and also plotted the escape of 50 cows into the Gallant’s yard, which resulted in damage. David Gallant recalls seeing “cow dung all over our property,” after that incident.

“I have little doubt these activities were initiated by the Murrays and designed to inflict fear, nuisance and harassment against the Gallants,” the judge told the paper.

This story of neighborhood warfare started in 2013, actually. It was in that year, that the Murrays dumped the manure-wall one random night at 4 am. You know, as if seeking revenge on your neighbors via wet, stinky cow shit didn’t already make you a calculating prick.

“I called Lee Murray on his cellphone to complain, but he hung up on me,” David Gallant told the court in an affidavit. “The manure was fresh, unseasoned, wet, raw manure. The smell was disgusting.”

But justice fell on the Gallants' side, as the judge awarded them $15,000 in damages. As the Herald explains, the judge “also issued an injunction forbidding the Murrays from entering the Gallants’ property; spreading manure within 300 metres of their property; blowing snow, rocks or manure onto their property; and communicating with the Gallants, except in writing.”

So the moral of the story here is, erecting a manure mountain isn’t the best way to settle a dispute. You'll likely have to pay thousands of dollars to atone for your poopy, poopy, ways. 

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