This Canadian Paradise Will Give You Land and a Job If You Move There


In a highly contentious election year, plenty of Americans have threatened to move to Canada -- so many, in fact, that there's an entire website about moving to the remote island of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

But Cape Breton doesn't just need Americans, either -- it needs a few good Canadians, too.

As reported by the CBC, the bakery and general store in Whycocomagh, called Farmer's Daughter, is looking to expand its operation, and in doing so, needs more employees. Traditional means of acquiring talent thus far haven't worked, leading co-owners and sisters Sandee MacLean and Heather Coulombe to try a new tack: offering 2 acres of land and a job to anyone willing to relocate.


Of course, you need to be legal to work in Canada, and at first, you'd just get to live on 2 acres of the 200 acres the family owns. But after five years of employment, that 2 acres becomes yours. And in the meantime, you'll enjoy the outdoors of Nova Scotia, which fully experiences all four seasons.

While this isn't the first time a rural town has offered up subsidized property in exchange for work, it is the most recent -- and most Canadian. By Tuesday afternoon, the post had 850 shares, and MacLean told CTV thousands of inquiries had already come her way of people wanting to leave city life behind.

"Nobody here is paid high wages, nothing close to what you would make with a government job or in Ontario," MacLean told the CBC. "But that being said, you don't need a whole lot of money if your lifestyle is about enjoying the land and being outside."

And while Cape Breton has seen tourist interest grow in recent years, the entrepreneurial sisters are set on helping their business -- and cozy island -- thrive.

"We really want our community to be repopulated," MacLean told CTV. "We really are committed to keeping Cape Breton alive and vibrant and we're not really interested in making a huge profit off people."

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Ryan Craggs is Thrillist's Senior News Editor. He befriended a girl from Cape Breton while living in Spain. Hi, Jenna! Follow him @ryanrcraggs.