Terrifying Video Shows How This Car Got Stuck in a Second Story Office Building

Terrifying dash cam footage captured by a city bus in Southern California shows something pretty surreal: A car catapulting into the air and crashing into the second floor of a neighborhood office building.  

Local news outlets report the car hit a center median in the road while traveling at high speeds early on Sunday morning in Santa Ana. The vehicle immediately caught fire, and launched into the office on the other side of the street, narrowly avoiding the Orange County Transportation Authority bus that captured the crazy incident on camera. The aftermath, well, looks pretty unbelievable: 

A press release issued by the Santa Ana Police Department claimed quite obviously that the motorist was driving at a high-speed at the time of the accident. When cops responded to the scene, they "observed an occupied white sedan that was partially wedged into the second floor of a dental office." 

Miraculously, the driver and one passenger escaped with only minor injuries. After being discovered by authorities, the motorist was taken to a hospital for observation after admitting to using narcotics.

The Los Angeles County Fire Department came by after the sun came up to pry the wedged vehicle from the building. 

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