Caribou Coffee Is Pulling Cup Sleeves With an Inappropriate Message

The coffee chain's beverage sleeve appears to have had a little too much coffee...

Even as states start to ease their lockdowns and other stay-at-home measures, grabbing a cup of coffee -- one that's decidedly not from the drip machine in your kitchen -- is still an uncertain endeavor. You might have to follow new safety procedures at your go-to coffeeshop. You might find a limited menu. You might even encounter products or ads from the Before Times that tragically don't make sense now.

Michael Reinhardt, a Caribou Coffee employee, recently posted a TikTok video demonstrating why companies may want to be absolutely certain about the timing of their products in, as the saying goes, "these uncertain times."

The short clip shows stacks of beverage sleeves with different slogans, like "THE SCENIC ROUTE IS THE ONLY ROUTE" and "MAY CAUSE IRREPRESSIBLE HAPPINESS," and "FIGHT THE URGE TO REMAIN INDOORS." While that last one may have been empowering three months ago, you can probably see how it's problematic now. Staying at home remains a crucial part of the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Sure, lots of national parks are starting to reopen, but that doesn't mean we should be carrying around accidentally anti-quarantine messages on our coffee cups. Caribou Coffee seems to understands this. A spokesperson for the chain told BuzzFeed News that it's asking employees like Reinhardt to find and remove the cup sleeves that weren't "on point with the heroic efforts that are being made to contain the Coronavirus."

As Reinhardt explains in his video, "I have to take out every fourth one."

But other franchises seem to be taking a different approach...

By the way, if your state is still under lockdown or you aren't yet comfortable REJECTING THE INDOORS, you can always grab a coffee and head over to your laptop for virtual tours of over 30 national parks

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