Carl's Jr Messed With Wendy's on Twitter and It Didn't Go Well

wendy's twitter carl's jr
Shutterstock | Twitter Screengrab

There are few companies who have made a marketing strategy out of dragging strangers on social media. It doesn't much matter if you're a troll or another business, Wendy's will take a particular glee in grilling you as part of an backward oddly successful strategy to get customers.

Well, it happened again. Twitter user @Andrew_D_Morgan started a spat simply by asking Wendy's how it compares to Carl's Jr. The other fast food joint jumped on the opportunity to snip at Wendy's. However, Carl's Jr found itself in a pickle when it was unprepared for the clap back.

Childish, but true.

After 16 hours, Wendy's racked up more than 10,000 retweets and 44,000 likes. After 30 hours, Carl's Jr put together just over 100 retweets and 700 likes. 

At the time of publication, Carl's Jr hadn't even attempted to catch up. It hadn't tweeted even once since it first took a bite out of Wendy's.

However, the best part might be the absurd reactions from fans of the snarky social media account. 

Wendy's even decided to give itself a little patty on the back before the dust settled.

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