Carmella's Day Off in Pittsburgh Is a Bubbly Prosecco Tasting Tour

The wrestler takes us to the city she loves and shows us where to get prosecco on tap and how to have a good time with family and friends.


WWE Wrestler Carmella moved to Pittsburgh for love.

She and her husband wanted to put an end to a long-distance relationship, and so she moved from Fort Lauderdale to Pittsburgh, where her husband was staying with his three kids. She also stayed in Pittsburgh for love—this time, of the city itself.

"I've been here for about two and a half years," Carmella said in a recent interview with Thrillist. "And, I have to say, I have fallen in love with the city." She is not a huge fan of Pittsburgh's winter, which she describes as "absolutely miserable," but she promises that every Pittsburgh resident will tell you the same. This time of the year, though, Pittsburgh is glowing. "It's just so amazing and beautiful," Carmella said. "I just love it."

In our series "Ride With Me," Carmella shows us what it's like to spend a day in her Pittsburgh when she's not on the ring. And one thing is for sure: everywhere she takes you, there will be prosecco flowing. Steaks cooked on hot stones, fancy bartender's choice cocktails, and arcades that will bring out your raw competitiveness are all on Carmella's Pittsburgh favorites list, and we're ready to check all the boxes.

Grab your favorite wine glass and come with us—we're going to Pittsburgh.

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Places to Eat & Drink

North Shore Tavern
At the North Shore Tavern, you're going to sear your own steak on a blazing-hot stone.

"It's the best tasting steak I've ever had," said Carmella. "It's like a meal, but it's also an activity. It's fun." She usually likes her steak medium, and loves to do a little surf and turf for dinner and order some scallops too. Don't miss out on their pretzel sticks for appetizers: their mustard dip is delicious.

The Warren
If you're looking for a good cocktail paired with some tasty sushi, this is the spot for you.

Carmella's go-to drink is definitely the prosecco, though. "That's my go-to drink anywhere," she said. "I'm just a Prosecco girl!"

She recommends the Spicy Senorita from their sushi menu. It's yellowtail with jalapeno, cilantro, and sriracha drizzled on top. If you're not in the mood for sushi, go for the burger and the buffalo cauliflower. "They do it all," said Carmella. "They're so good."

Salty Paws
Technically, this is a dining spot—but not for you. Salty Paws is your four-legged best friend’s favorite place, and they sell ice cream made specifically for dogs.

It's the first dog ice cream shop in Pittsburgh, according to Carmella, and it might even be the first one in the state of Pennsylvania. From dog bones and treats to cheddar cheese-flavored dog ice cream, Salty Paws has everything your dog's palate could ever desire. There's even a toppings bar, where you can sprinkle some extra flavor on your pup's ice cream.

Bar Botanico
Carmella describes herself as 'obsessed" with this bar. They do have prosecco on tap here, after all. "It's even smoother, it's cold, it's incredible," she said.

The place is intimate and small, and makes you feel cozy from the moment you walk in.

"Your service is just really, really good, but it's so intimate," Carmella said. "You feel like you're just kind of in your own little world."

Things to Do

Coop de Ville
This is where you go have a blast. Coop de Ville isn't only a bar and restaurant. It's also an arcade, and they have bowling too.

When Carmella is talking about this place, her eyes light up. They have a champagne vending machine.

"It is a full vending machine with mini bottles of champagne, and they give you a straw, and you just stick the straw right in the bottle," she said. "This is the best invention I've ever seen in my life."

Carmella and her husband usually bring the kids there, and while they sip on some champagne, they also bowl with the kids. "It's fun for everybody," she said.

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