Carnival Cruise Passenger Banned for Life After Fishing off Ship's Balcony

A video of the fishing incident went viral on TikTok, but was later taken down.

If you're looking for a new way to break the law on a cruise, we might have something for you here. Have you considered fishing from the cruise ship's balcony, for example?

We're being serious. In a viral and since-deleted TikTok by user Jessica Locklear (jessicalocklear02), a man was reportedly shown fishing directly from the balcony of a cruise ship, which belonged to Carnival Cruises, while it was docked in Nassau, Bahamas. Originally, the video was posted on April 16, but it is unclear both when it was actually filmed and specifically what cruise the man was aboard.

Armed with nothing more than what looks like a stick and a makeshift reel, the man was even able to actually catch something. From photos and the video itself, the fish—which was definitely not huge—seems to be a buffalo trunkfish, also known as cowfish, boxfish, or shell-fish, Cruise Hive suggests.

The man, however, is in some trouble. According to Travel Pulse, Bahamian authorities will determine whether the man’s act was legal or not, and the man might have to face some legal repercussions.

As for the cruise company, the rules are clear: No fishing is permitted off Carnival ships’ sides. The man has now been banned for life from Carnival cruises, according to additional reporting by Cruise Hive

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