Kelly Clarkson Goes on a Date in the Middle of 'Carpool Karaoke'

“Carpool Karaoke” welcomed Kelly Clarkson on Wednesday to continue its weird insistence that a passenger is somehow capable of helping James Corden get through traffic faster. (It really does that regularly. “Is there any way you could help me get to work?” the segment opens. “The traffic is terrible.”) In its own way, it’s a beautifully absurd way to open the segment. And, to its credit, traffic does always seem pretty light once they’re driving around.

Clarkson joins Corden to cruise around and sing hits like “Since You’ve Been Gone” and “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You).” More importantly, Corden tries to prove to Clarkson that she can make anything sound good. He asks her to sing mundane lines like, “Do you want the receipt or should I put it in the bag?” She has to try to prove him right, despite looking a little shy about it.

This installment does not feature an over-the-top spectacle like singing upside down or jumping into a helicopter. However, Corden does arrange an impromptu date night in the back seat of the car for Clarkson and her husband, which gets wonderfully awkward. Though, the highlight is definitely an A+ bad joke about marine biologists.

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