Carvel Adds New Strawberry Crunchies to Top Its Flavor Lineup

The small pieces of crunch are now available at Carvel locations and through delivery platforms.

Courtesy of Carvel

Carvel has a new addition to its lineup, perfectly timed for warmer weather: Strawberry Crunchies.

The ice cream chain announced Monday that the bite-sized crumbles join the existing vanilla and chocolate flavored Crunchies—meaning you could top your next ice cream with the full Neapolitan range of Crunchies flavors, if you were so inclined. The Strawberry Crunchies are the third new Crunchies flavor that has been released in the last year, following Churro Crunchies and Cookie Butter Crunchies.

"Strawberry is one of our most popular flavors, and we knew putting a familiar twist on Crunchies, a classic that has been an integral part of Carvel's history, would be perfect for making new memories at all types of celebrations, 'or Carvel-ebrations,' this spring," Jessica Osborne, the vice president of marketing at Carvel, said in a press release.

Carvel shared all the new ways you can enjoy the new Strawberry Crunchies on some of its new and classic ice cream offerings. You can order a Crunchies To-Go, a Strawberry Dasher, Flying Saucers Rolled in Crunchies, a Strawberry Crunchies Cake, and finally you can get the classic Vanilla soft ice cream on a Cake Cone or Cup, rolled in Strawberry Crunchies. It's a real Strawberry Crunchies free for all. 

To see where you can order Strawberry Crunchies and all the other sweet things the ice cream shop has to offer, find the nearest Carvel location on Carvel’s website.

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