Casamigos Just Introduced 2 New Drink Mixers for Super-Easy Tequila Cocktails

Just add tequila and you're all set.

Courtesy of Casamigos/William Sonoma

"It's Tuesday" is excuse enough to pop open the tequila and have yourself a night. But of course, if you're looking for an actual holiday to justify your drinking habits, fear not. Cinco de Mayo is nearly upon us, friends. And this year, Casamigos is launching two all-new mixers to elevate your festivities. 

Williams Sonoma has partnered with the George Clooney-founded tequila maker to create pre-made craft cocktails. Your job? Just add the tequila—as much or as little as you'd like. Both the Casamigos Casa Colada and Casamigos Hibiscus Strawberry Smash, which will be sold exclusively through the kitchenware retailer, are slated to hit store shelves this spring. 

The Casa Colada features a creamy coconut base with zesty lime, cinnamon, and agave for natural sweetness while the Hibiscus Strawberry Smash includes an herbal hibiscus tea, strawberry juice, and strawberry puree. Both bottles retail for $18.95 and pack around 12 servings each. 

Courtesy of Casamigos/William Sonoma

While you'll have to pick up a bottle of tequila yourself, that just means you've got free rein on how boozy to whip up those cocktails. Just add a little ice and either Reposado or Blanco—preferably Casamigos, but your call—and mix it up.

Williams Sonoma has also got a few margarita mixers on shelves, as well—including Organic and Skinny Peach margs. Happy hour at home it is.

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Megan Schaltegger is a staff writer at Thrillist.