Hillary Clinton Is Reuniting the Cast of "The West Wing"

West Wing Reunion
YouTube | Bridget Mary McCormack

There are few recent presidencies that unite Americans across party lines like that of President Josiah Bartlet. Now, thanks to Hillary Clinton, the cast of The West Wing is heading back on the campaign trail, where everything started for them (in a series of flashbacks and walk-and-talks). 

The cast will be heading to Ohio, one of the most crucial battleground states in the 2016 presidential election, to campaign for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. The stops will feature Allison Janney (C.J. Cregg), Bradley Whitford (Josh Lyman), Dulé Hill (Charlie Young), Richard Schiff (Toby Ziegler), Joshua Malina (Will Bailey), and Mary McCormack (Kate Harper).

Outside of Martin Sheen and John Spencer, who passed away in 2005, they've got most of the key characters from the show and everyone but Rob Lowe from the Bartlet campaign's first run for office. Though, no one would complain if Lowe, John Goodman or Lily Tomlin joined up (as long as it's not delaying shooting on Super Troopers 2). But that much reunion goodness might make the internet people go crazy.

It's not the first time members of the cast have reunited. They've done talk shows and a strange political ad previously. On this trek, first revealed by Clinton press staffer Ian Sams, the cast members will make stops in the Mahoning Valley, Sandusky, Toledo, Cleveland, and Dayton before heading to Columbus's Ward 21 for a rally to be held Sunday.

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