This Medieval Italian Village Is the Latest to Sell Homes for Only $1

Of course, there are some stipulations, but it's still a good deal.

Italian towns have repeatedly made headlines for selling homes at shockingly low prices, sometimes even paying people to move in. Candela did it, Piedmont did it, Mussomeli did it, tons of other towns did it, and now, Castropignano's handing out real estate for only €1, or $1.21.

Castropignano is a small, 14th-century village in Italy's Molise region, notable for its medieval castle and hillside views. It's home to roughly 100 abandoned buildings that the mayor hopes to make better use of.

Rather than auctioning them off, Castropignano Mayor Nicola Scapillati hopes to match potential buyers with a building that's right for them.

"I don't want my town invaded by a property stampede or to turn into the latest housing speculation deal," said Scapillati, according to CNN.

Instead, he wants people interested in purchasing a home to email him directly with plans for what they hope to do with the building (e.g., move in, operate a bed & breakfast, or open an artisan shop). He'll review the requests he receives and attempt to match potential buyers with a building that suits their needs. He hopes that making a targeted effort to revitalize dormant properties will have a more positive impact on the community.

It's important to note that the homes up for grabs aren't in amazing condition, and Scapillati isn't trying to hide that. CNN reports that selected buyers will be required to renovate the property within three years of purchasing. To hold them accountable, the town will collect a €2,000 deposit—or $2,419—that will be returned after the restoration is complete.

"It hurts me to see the beauty of our ancient historical center scarred by crumbling houses, slowly decaying," Scapillati said. "It's sad and dangerous. Without renovation these buildings are a threat. They could collapse any minute—it's also a matter of making the village safe."

Despite Scapillati's conditions, and the teeny nature of the village, people are already showing interest.

"Here we've got nothing grand to offer except peacefulness, silence, pristine nature, oxygen-rich air, great views and fantastic food, ideal to detox from the daily stress," he said. "It's not buzzing with life, that I must say, but it's peaceful and simple."

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Kyler Alvord is a news writer at Thrillist.