A Cat Bar Could Be Coming to the US

Published On 06/11/2016 Published On 06/11/2016
Cat Bar
Denver Cat Company

The only place you would hold a wine glass with one hand and pet a cat with the other is in the comfort of your own home. Or in your Bond villain lair. That is, before the invention of the "cat bar."

Currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, Denver Cat Company's cat bar would be the first of its kind in the US. And a cat bar is just what it sounds like: a place that serves alcohol where there's also a bunch of cats. 

The bar would act as an extension to the already thriving cat cafe on 3929 Tennyson Street in Denver, CO., and will serve both beer and wine while acting as a safe-haven to cats in need of adoption. Denver Cat Company owner Sana Hamelin had this to say about the endeavor, "Not only will people get to hang out with cats while enjoying a glass of wine or beer, but they’ll have access to cats during the evening, the time that they are the most active—just like humans!”

Since the Denver Cat Company is still in the stages of raising money, there's no word on when and exactly where in Denver this place will open. But, you can drop the project a few dollars and naturally speed things up by visiting the Kickstarter page

And all you dog people, just stay away,
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