You Can Get Paid to Live on a Greek Island and Care for 55 Cats

cat island job

It sounds too good to be true, but the job listing promises "this is genuine and NOT a joke." God's Little People Cat Rescue is hiring for a unique position. A cat rescue might not sound like the typical dream job fare, but this isn't a gig in a fluorescent-lit brick building with a pervasive sawdust aroma. 

This job is on the Greek island of Syros with a population of around 21,000. The rescue is looking for "a mature and genuinely passionate cat lover who knows how to handle many cats." You'd be playing Nurse Ratched to an island of 55 cats who need to be fed, medicated, and loved.

The compensation includes a semi-detached "modern tiny house with its own garden" and a view of the Aegean Sea. You'd live there rent-free. Additionally, the caretaker is paid a part-time salary. The listing doesn't give specifics on the monetary compensation, and inquiries about the pay went unanswered. However, the listing does include a link to what "an average Greek salary" looks like with a note to "keep in mind this is a part-time job WITH house, water, [and] electricity included."

The listing requests a six-month commitment and highlights that the first two-to-four weeks are spent in unpaid training. That's not an ideal situation for any employee anywhere, but cat wrangling on a gorgeous island isn't an easy-to-find gig. Plenty of people will be undeterred with an opportunity to name so many cats on the line. That one will be Ser Pounce. That's T-Rex. That's Chairman Meow. That's Pugsley Adams III. That's Agent Michael Scarn. 

Details about how to apply can be found on Facebook. The post includes many pictures of the area and your feline wards. Interviews will be conducted via Skype at the end of this month, with a start date of November 1, 2018. Don't procatstinate. The time to apply is meow.

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