This Polish City's Top Attraction Is a Gloriously Chonky Cat

Szczecin, Poland has plenty to offer, but Gacek is most popular.

A beautiful, chunky cat named Gacek is what is drawing people to the city of Szczecin, Poland. Insider reported that the cat is the top-rated tourist attraction on Google Maps in the city. The city also has some historic landmarks, a Duke's castle from the 14th century, and plenty of restaurants. But this cat, whose name translates to "long-eared bat," is the most desired site to see.

In a local Polish news report from 2020, featured below, Gacek can be seen accepting treats and posing for photos, as crowds of people gush over the kitty. I don't even think most human celebrities get this kind of reaction these days. Nicknamed the "Kitty King of Downtown," Gacek has his own Instagram account with over 10,000 followers.

And who I am to disagree with crowdsourced reviews. From the documentary and his Instagram account I must concur. The cat is a beautiful feline with an attitude and a grand plump stature that really does make Gacek seem regal. According to Insider, tourists come from all over Europe in order to see Gacek. Fans in the comment section leave affectionate missives for the creature, like "chonkers," and "you are wonderful."

You can check out Gacek's Instagram page for more pictures of the famous kitty. If Gacek starts granting wishes, he might become more popular than the Trevi Fountain!

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