Cat Owners Try Cat Food For the First Time

Published On 02/20/2017 Published On 02/20/2017

The titular "Irish People" of videos on the Facts. YouTube channel have done taste tests on loads of delicious foods, making it hard to feel bad for them when something they eat is a little gross. For each time they ate strange treats or "weird" food that wasn't so tasty, they ate scrumptious an American Thanksgiving dinner, southern food, burgers, and lobster rolls. There's little sympathy for their plight, with the exception of that whole Carolina reaper thing

However, this is legitimately gross. The taste testers at Facts. brought their cats to work and were somehow surprised to discover they'd be taste testing cat food with their feline friends. ("We're not having human food?" one cat owner wistfully replies to the revelation.) They try a variety of pet foods ranging from some that look like a fancy soup with carrots to that disgusting "pate" goop you're probably more familiar with.

It's gross, but as they say in the video, "Anything for a like. Right?"

They follow through with far more delight than you'd expect. In fact, they're more surprised at how much cat food is decent than they are at how horrible the rest of it is. Though, the cat lady who keeps eating the pate might not be a reliable source. She showed up with cat ears and a cat shirt and tried to convince viewers she has a love/hate relationship with her cat before pounding forkfuls of Sea Captain's Delight.

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