Stowaway Cat Sneaks Into Owner's Carry-On Bag, Gets Busted by Airport Security

When my friends are packing for a FOMO-inducing vacation, I -- without fail -- crack the same trite dad joke about climbing in their luggage. Except I never actually follow through because... I physically can't. But that can't be said for this stowaway cat who, unbeknownst to her owners, hid in their carry-on bag. 

Nick and Voirrey Coole were heading to New York from their home in Isle of Man (an island in the Irish Sea between England and Ireland), when they were stopped by airport security. Agents caught their cat, Candy, on the baggage scanner.

"It must have looked quite unusual," Nick Voirrey told the BBC. "At the point at which they scanned it, they were all scratching heads and they were all looking at each other." 

Despite staffers obvious confusion, the couple was able to clear things up quickly.

"The second they realized it was a genuine mistake, and we had actually brought our cat through airport security, at that point, they just laughed and they were fantastic,” he said.

The slight travel hiccup didn't derail their trip entirely. They still managed to make the flight. Though, no doubt, Candy was pissed they foiled her plans and excluded her on a family trip to the Big Apple. Rude. 

On Facebook, Nick went on to thank their friends for picking her up, adding, "Fair play to airport security for helping to get her home." 

Nice try, Candy. Nice try. 

h/tTravel & Leisure 

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