This Luxury Airline Spelled Its Own Name Wrong on the Side of an Airplane

If the College Board can dock you points on the SAT for misspelling your name in No. 2 pencil, what happens when an airline prints its name incorrectly on the side of a multi-million dollar aircraft?

You get roasted on Twitter. That’s what.

This past Tuesday, Cathay Pacific -- a luxury airline that serves food from chefs at Michelin-starred restaurants -- debuted a shiny new aircraft with “Cathay PACIIC” printed in bold along the side. That’s right, they forgot to spell check their name -- which is incidentally also the name of a major ocean. As one Twitter respondent put it, “No F’s were given that day.”

Prior to the plane’s first voyage, travelers at the Hong Kong International Airport were quick to note the error -- and they wasted no time documenting the spelling mishap on the internet. By the time the plane had reached it’s cruising altitude, it was already a social media phenomenon.

Representatives at Cathay scrambled to offer a clever retort of their own, well-equipped with spell check services, but by the time they’d posted a reply, they’d already been thoroughly roasted.

You do not want to question the practical intelligence of anyone responsible for crafting a machine that flies. But seeing as Cathay Pacific has been offering efficient, luxury flights (you can order $300 champagne on board) since the ‘40s with few hiccups, this dimwitted error may have actually been the greatest marketing scheme of all time.

Think about it: the oversight brought the new aircraft plentiful internet fame before it had even completed its maiden voyage.

So who’s the real idiot here? You tell us.

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