CDC Updates Its 'Avoid Travel' List with 10 Countries, Including Belize

It's time to rethink your travel plans.

As the delta variant continues to spread and COVID-19 vaccines have yet to reach certain nations, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has once again updated its list of countries and territories to avoid when it comes to non-essential travel. The list has four categories, ranked by the level of risk in each location, Level 4 being the highest.

The federal health agency added 10 countries to its Level 4 "avoid travel" list on Monday after adding three last week. Now, Americans are cautioned against traveling to Afghanistan, Albania, Belize, Grenada, Israel, Lithuania, Mauritius, Saint Kitts andNevis, Serbia, and Slovenia. There are now 85 nations on the Level 4 list. In recent weeks, Brunei, Jamaica, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Saint Lucia, Azerbaijan, Estonia, and North Macedonia were added.

To be categorized as the highest risk by the CDC, a territories or nations has to report 500 COVID-19 cases per every 100,000 people. If travel to one of the places on the advisory list is unavoidable, the CDC advises that you get fully vaccinated before you go. But, really, you should be cautious and reconsider travel to these destinations if it's not absolutely necessary.

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