This Company Will Pay You $1,000 to Binge-Watch Hallmark Christmas Movies

The holidays are expensive. Namely because of the guilt that ropes us into buying gifts for everyone -- mom, best friend, boss, doorman, that neighbor down the hall who watered your plants one time. It's a slippery spending slope, but luckily, Century Link Quote wants to help supplement your seasonal budget this year. The tech company will pay you $1,000 to do what you already do for free: binge watch Hallmark Christmas movies.

It's really that simple, hence the whole dream job schtick. The chosen candidate will watch and critique 24 of the network's holiday films leading up to December 25. 

"We're looking for a lover of all things Christmas, G-Rated romcoms, and too-close-to-home family dramas," Century Link Quote wrote in a statement. "The best part? We don't care where you do it. Watch it from the couch or stay under the covers and stream from bed. (Just don't spill any spoilers.)" 

Here are the requirements: 

1. You don't like Christmas -- you love it. (Yes, this is a legit rule included in the job description). 
2. You have to be 18 years or older and a US resident. 
3. You have to document your Hallmark binge-athon on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. 

"We want you to have opinions -- lots of them! Think the grumpy Grandpa turned jolly Santa was a little overdone? Felt like the plot was a bit half-baked? Be as honest as possible in your review," the statement continues. 

The standard application is your run-of-the-mill process, but if you want a better shot at snagging the gig, you can create a two- to three-minute video demonstrating your holiday spirit. Go caroling, deck the halls, chug a whole pitcher of eggnog on camera. OK, fine, maybe not the latter. 

The winner will score the ultimate binge-watching set up: a streaming service subscription, packets of hot cocoa, Christmas cookies, fairy lights, a mini Christmas tree, and more Hallmark swag. Keep it for yourself or regift it to that neighbor of yours. 

h/tBusiness Insider

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