Champagne Vending Machines Are Real and Your Office Needs One

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Dreams do come true. Champagne vending machines are a real thing.

Moët and Chandon has made vending machines loaded with 320 mini bottles of champagne, and it even comes with a tiny champagne flute, because drinking straight from the bottle isn't for everyone.

The company introduced the vending machine in London over a year ago, and it came to the US not long after with a machine located at the Mandarin Oriental in Las Vegas. Recently, Arnaud's French 75 in New Orleans got one as well, so you don't have to head to sin city if popping coins into a machine for a little bubbly is something your life requires.

Fortunately, you don't need to load your pockets full of quarters as though you're headed to pinball camp. The machine only accepts specially branded Moët coins you purchase at the bar or front desk. Each coin costs $20, and it'll get you a bottle of either the Imperial Brut or the Imperial Rosé.

Even better, the machine isn't going to drop a shaken beverage like that garbage vending machine in the office. It handles your alcohol gently, depositing the champagne ready to be popped and consumed.

The machines are mostly a novelty. These locations are already stocked with alcohol that doesn't require a vending machine. But if there's a line and you need a single serving of champagne, your champagne-filled chariot has arrived.

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