Ben & Jerry's Newest Flavors Include a Dairy-Free Variety

And, proceeds for the new non-dairy ice cream benefit a good cause!

Courtesy of Ben & Jerry's

The lactose intolerant community knows the pain—like not being able to enjoy a healthy helping of ice cream with your cake during a birthday celebration. But now, lactose intolerant mint chocolate ice cream lovers can pile the scoops high, worry-free with Ben & Jerry's new Mint Chocolate Chance flavor.

The new flavor, which comes in dairy and non-dairy options, has a cool mint base and is filled with fudgy brownies. And in case you were wondering why the flavor is called Mint Chocolate Chance, well, a special guest helped create the minty ice cream. Chance the Rapper collaborated with the brand to give fans a chance to try his favorite concoction growing up by adding his mother's fudgy brownies to mint ice cream.

The new flavor will do some good, too, with all proceeds going to the Rapper's five-year-old non-profit, SocialWorks. The organization aims to empower youth through the arts, education, and civic engagement with programming that focuses on education, mental health, homelessness, and literary arts.

So if you're looking to fix your non-dairy ice cream craving or would simply like to give back, Mint Chocolate Chance will hit shelves across the US as a full-time flavor in early 2022.

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