Channing Tatum Taught James Corden How to Strip Like 'Magic Mike'

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If there's one thing James Corden isn't particularly well-suited for, it might be gyrating on stage in skimpy attire. But that hasn't stopped The Late Late Show host from pursuing a side career as a male stripper with help from an acclaimed master of the art, Channing Tatum. 

In a hilarious new sketch on Corden's show, the comedian auditions for a role in Magic Mike Live, bombarding Tatum and his crew with a surprise visit and asking for an audition. What ensues later is a training montage that rivals Rocky. Corden channels the spirit of Patrick Swayze by taking off his pants to seduce hordes of screaming women. Eventually, his nimble moves earn Tatum's respect. 

While plans for a third film in the Magic Mike saga surfaced earlier this year, Tatum said in June that he won't be gyrating into theaters again anytime soon. Luckily, we can all look to Corden as a worthy substitute, since Tatum seems to have hung up his bedazzled underwear for good.  

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