That Creepy Girl From 'The Ring' Threw Out the First Pitch at a Baseball Game

the ring baseball pitch
YouTube/@Panda Puppet

If you love things that are simultaneously funny and creepy, the Nippon Professional Baseball League in Japan has tickets to a game for you. In promotion of the new horror film Sadako vs. Kayako, that creepy girl from The Ring (Sadako) and that creepy girl from Ju-On: The Grudge (Kayako, just called The Grudge in the U.S.) threw out the opening pitch of a Nippon-Ham Fighters game. 

If that sounds both terrifying and impossibly weird, you're getting close to how terrifyingly weird this actually is. The only salvation for the fans in the crowd, who hopefully left the kids at home, is that they didn't get the close-ups that the audience at home got in the below video.

The whole thing begins with frightened cheerleaders fleeing the field as Sadako, wearing cleats and a glove, is escorted onto the field.

The Ring baseball pitch
YouTube/@Panda Puppet

Sadako threw out the opening pitch, hair completely covering her face. Meanwhile, a comically twitchy Kayako stood at the plate to hit the opening pitch. Having someone hit the opening pitch would be a notable oddity, if it weren't for... everything about this. 

For instance, behind home plate was Toshio, that horrifying pale child from The Grudge. He sat motionless, staring straight ahead with murder in his eyes until he became Kayako's pinch runner after she collapsed to the ground, crawling around like a nightmare.

But the weirdest part of it all? That might be Sadako throwing a 96 kilometer per hour pitch (about 60 mph). Then Kayako hit a line drive down the third-base line.

Get Brian Cashman on the phone. Sadako and Kayako might be the solution to all of the Yankees problems.

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