Cheap Flights Alert: Fly from the US to Europe for $139

Now that summer is starting to wind down into the sadly Summer Friday-less slog of fall, it seems like airlines are almost mercifully offering flash sales for insanely inexpensive flights every other day. And while most include deals for double-digit fares for domestic flights, a new sale from Norwegian will get you all the way to Europe for cheap. Crazy cheap.

The airline is offering several discounted fares, including one-way flights from the US to Europe for just $139, as part of the huge Fall Sale it launched this week, according to a report by The Huffington Post. Highlights include $169 flights from Los Angeles to Paris, $139 flights from NYC to Stockholm, and $49 flights from Boston, Washington, D.C., and NYC to Martinique -- all of which would normally set you back at least several hundred bucks.

Like every airfare sale, the Norwegian deals are subject to plenty of fine print and limitations. For example, you'll need to book the discounted flights before September 5th of this year and travel before May 31st of 2017. But then again, if you're already spending most of the Fridays stuck at your desk looking for a good getaway, you should have plenty of time to book something. Have fun.;

h/t The Huffington Post

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