Get On It, Tickets to Spain and Portugal Are Cheap Right Now

Cheap Flights to Spain

The deluge of great flight deals continue. Even when it's not a crazy price, like that two-day JetBlue flash sale with $34 flights, there are a ton of good deals that can be found by the savvy traveler. Or, really, even the non-savvy traveler. They're everywhere.

Today, there are some trips to Spain and Portugal with American Airlines and Delta that will scrub away the blues you get every day when the sun sets at 5 p.m. (Seriously, go away, winter! You've outstayed your welcome.) At the low-end of these flights are trips out of Boston and New York for just $377. 

cheap flight to Barcelona
Screengrab Google Flights

You can find these deals stacked up over at Google Flights. From JFK you can get to Barcelona for $377, Madrid for $381, Mallorca for $391, Tenerife and Minorca for $393, Alicante and Ibiza for $395, Porto and Valencia for $398, and Malaga for $399.

Flying out of Boston you can head to Barcelona for $387, Madrid for $381, Tenerife for $393, Mallorca for $394, Ibiza for $395, Minorca for $397, Porto and Bilbao for $398, and Alicante for $399. All of those prices are all-in round-trip, making them a damn good deal even if it's a bit more than you'll find by giving your couch a shakedown for change.

The date ranges available vary, spanning February through May, with many of the good deals looking like they pop up in late February. But the tickets will no doubt go quickly, as good prices on a European vacation always do. 

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