Quick, Flights for Your Alaskan Adventure Are Only $293

cheap flights to Alaska

As a person who enjoys adventure and doesn't like to get caught up in the tourist traps that may ensnare others, you might be looking for that next big escape. It's possible Delta is calling your name. They've got a bevy of cheap flights to Anchorage, Alaska in April and May. 

The cheapest flights are coming out of Phoenix and Las Vegas for just $293. But there are affordable roundtrip rates across the United States. Tickets are just $297 out of San Diego, $379 out of Boston, $405 out of Minneapolis, $418 out of Portland, $421 out of San Francisco, $437 out of Chicago, $447 out of Miami and Pittsburgh, $467 out of Washington D.C., $473 out of New York City, and $482 out of Nashville. The prices climb at the end there and don't have the same wow factor, but they're still a solid deal. 

Cheap flights to Alaska

However, to get ahold of these prices you need to go through the ITA Matrix Airfare Search. To take advantage, head to the site and enter ANC as the city of arrival. In the advanced routing code fields, enter "dl+ /f bc=v."

Below those fields, select "see calendar of lowest fares" and enter "3-10" as the length of stay. That will pull up all of the available options from your city in April and May.

As always, these prices are up to date at the time of publication, but tickets often go fast. If you want to get to Alaska for less than $300, you probably have to move quickly. And don't forget your moose repellent. 

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