Round-Trip Flights to Europe Are as Cheap as $442 Right Now

cheap flights europe
Florence, Italy |
Florence, Italy |

It's only mid-September, but it already feels like you need a vacation to get away from the relentless mid-term election commercials. It's an escape from a combination of the annoying, poorly made ads starring wooden politicians and the very serious threat of barbeque becoming illegal.

Fortunately, there are a bunch of cheap flights to Europe available right now, as highlighted by Scott's Cheap Flights. It's not a specifically defined sale like $99 one-way flights to Iceland. Instead, it's a deluge of low prices from Air France, KLM, and Delta out of damn near every international airport in the U.S. The flights are headed to dozens of European cities with flights for as little as $442 with bags included.

The destinations highlighted by Scott's Cheap Flights include Belfast, Berlin, Bilbao, Bordeaux, Bucharest, Dubrovnik, Edinburgh, Florence, Geneva, Glasgow, Gothenburg, Luxembourg, Lyon, Malta, Marseille, Minsk, Naples, Nice, Palermo, Porto, Riga, Split, Tallinn, Valencia, Warsaw, and Zagreb, among many others. 

cheap flights Europe
Florence, Italy | Google Flights

It'd be a little crazy to list all the departure cities here because there are so many. Nonetheless, here are the cheapest flights from a handful of the cities with travel dates between October and March 2019. (Note the destinations available vary for each city.)

The cities include Albany ($500), Atlanta ($469), Baltimore ($501), Birmingham ($509), Boston ($442), Buffalo ($500) Cedar Rapids ($509), Chattanooga ($509), Cincinnati ($470), Denver ($472), Detroit ($465), Hartford ($500), Indianapolis ($495), Minneapolis ($465), New York City ($443), Oakland ($478), Portland ($461), Salt Lake City ($482), San Francisco ($468), San Jose ($478), Seattle ($478), and Washington D.C. ($486). (And that's really just scratching the surface.)

When prices are this low, the tickets tend to disappear in a hurry. So, hop on Google Flights and dig around to see what destinations are available from your airport. Then get ready for a fall vacation away from all of [gestures broadly] this.

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