This Airline Has $99 Flights to Europe in the Spring

cheap flights europe

It's never too early to start thinking about your 2018 New Year's resolution to travel more. WOW Air, the airline that has helped drive a price war credited for launching those sweet, sweet sub-$100 flights to Europe, is already offering $99 flights to Europe for the spring. 

From Boston and Pittsburgh, you can get to Reykjavik for $99. It's not a bait-and-switch. You can get that same price on your return trip, resulting in a $199.98 round-trip ticket to see some of the world's most gorgeous scenery

Beyond the lovely hot springs and volcanos of Iceland, you can land $150 tickets to Amsterdam, Paris, and Frankfurt right now. Those are sale prices, but the budget airline's prices are consistently cheap. So, heading out of different US cities bound for any of its 22 European destinations is worth a quick search if the deals don't apply to the city you're flying out of.

cheap flights europe

Since WOW is a budget airline, it pays to take note of the fine print. The airline allows a free personal item, but charges for a full-sized carry-on and checked luggage. When purchased in advance, the current rates are $39.99 for a carry-on and $49.99 for checked luggage. It costs more to pay for luggage at the gate. WOW also charges to select your seat instead of having it assigned.

The price tag can rise pretty quickly. But it's an awfully cheap way to get to Europe if you're the kind of adventurer who travels light and packs like a hero.

The cheap tickets are a good omen for your ability to land cheap flights to Europe in the spring and summer. The sale is a good opportunity to snag tickets, but it probably won't be the last time you see prices like this from discount international carriers. 

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