This Airline's Sale Has $20 Flights Around the U.S.

cheap flights

It's getting to that point of the year where you might think about booking a vacation to a locale warmer than wherever you're currently sitting. Fall is almost here officially, and it's about time you start heading south like a bird. 

A new sale from low-cost carrier Frontier is offering one-way flights for as little as $20. You can get round-trip tickets for just $38.40. It's a budget airline, but the prices are absurdly low and kind of perfect for a quick getaway. The best part is that the sale prices aren't only available out of major airports like you find in many sales. There are $20 fares available over 78 different routes, and tickets for less than $40 on more than 300 routes.

To take advantage, you have to book by midnight on September 19 for a flight taken before December 15, 2018.

cheap flights

As always, there are things you should know when booking with any budget airline. Frontier, like other low-cost carriers, doesn't have a great on-time arrival rate. Additionally, there are fees for things like luggage, food, and seat selection that can add up quickly.

Nonetheless, with cheap tickets out of so many cities, it's absolutely worth noting when a sale like this pops up. Just know how much you'll spend and compare it to other airlines after considering your luggage needs and willingness to cut corners on other perks like getting to pick your seat. Then get ready for a beach getaway or whatever you're about to check off your bucket list. 

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