This Airline Is Offering 75% Off Flights Across the U.S.

cheap flight sale

It's the perfect time of year to be traveling. You can head to nature to see the fall foliage, or you could get somewhere warm because winter is coming as surely as the stress headache you get from looking at the news on Twitter. Whatever your travel motivation, budget carrier Frontier Airlines is running a sale with appealing prices for a quick getaway. 

In addition to having $29 one-way flights right now ($20 if you're a Discount Den member), Frontier is offering 75% off one leg of your journey. The discount can be obtained with the promo code "SAVE75" as long as you use it prior to October 5 on a flight taken by November 15.

One big asterisk is that you shouldn't look for 75% off the full price of the ticket. The discount won't apply to taxes and "carrier imposed fees." That means, on the airline's cheapest trips, the discount is taken on a pretty small slice of the pie, as seen in the example flight below. Additionally, if you're buying round-trip tickets, the discount automatically applies to the cheaper of the departure and return flights.  

cheap flights frontier

Nonetheless, that discount tamps down the price of an already cheap ticket. 

Flying Frontier can be most useful if you're flying somewhere not too far away for a short trip. That's because the budget airline only allows you to bring a personal item for free. You will get charged for a carry-on or a piece of checked luggage. If you're a packing champ, you might be able to get everything in your personal item and make it a truly cheap journey on a shorter getaway. 

The other issue with many low-cost carriers, including Frontier, is they aren't known for having the best on-time arrival rates. That's a trade-off you're making when you try to fly round-trip for $60. 

If you're not someone willing to play the budget airline game, check out the places where flight prices are dropping this fall because there are deals all over if you're looking. 

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