Fly to Guatemala for as Little as $121 Round Trip Right Now

cheap flights guatemala

The weather has been wintery, but it's about to get utterly wretched in parts of the country. The windchill this week in the upper Midwest could hit -20. So, yeah, screw that. 

Meanwhile, the forecast for Guatemala City is sitting in the 70s all week. That sounds nice. So does round-trip flights for as little as $121 right now, as highlighted on Tuesday by Scott's Cheap Flights. The capital city (just a short trip to Antigua, an excellent vacation destination) isn't subject to a specific sale at the moment, but there are a lot of low-cost trips available from a variety of airlines, including American, Delta, Avianca, Copa, Spirit, Interjet, and United. 

The flights are, broadly speaking, found on trips that take place from January through May 2020. Since there is a boatload of airlines involved, you should look at the extra fees you might find. For instance, American, Delta, and United don't offer seat selection with basic economy tickets, and United doesn't even include a full-size carry-on with the basic economy tier. That could quickly increase the cost of your tickets. 

Here are some of the cheap round-trip flights to Guatemala City available right now. Any flights that are through Spirit are marked as such in the list below, because Spirit, a budget airline, tends to have a lot of fees. Those prices are set next to prices from other airlines because the sticker price of another airline may be higher, but it may cost less once you factor in the fees. 

  • From Atlanta: $186 (Spirit)
  • From Chicago: $184 (Spirit), $289 (American)
  • From Dallas: $206 (Interjet)
  • From Houston: $121 (United)
  • From Las Vegas: $270 (American and United)
  • From Los Angeles?: $229 (Spirit), $265 (Interjet)
  • From Miami: $259 (Avianca)
  • From New Orleans: $190 (Spirit), $274 (United and American)
  • From New York City: $232 (Spirit)
  • From Orlando: $226 (Spirit), $252 (United)
  • From San Francisco: $270 (Copa)
  • From Syracuse: $346 (American and United)

cheap flights guatemala
Via Google Flights

These prices aren't likely to last long. (Though, the Spirit prices are more likely to stick than others.) So, if you want a surprisingly cheap flight to Guatemala, it's advisable to get on it. Especially if you live somewhere cold. Thinking about Antigua might be the only relief you're going to get from the bitter cold this week.

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