Fly to London For Less Than $200 With This Sale

Cheap Flights to London

The old saying is proving itself true. March comes in like a lion and out with a lot of flight deals. Impressive deals have been frequently popping up, like $171 round-trip tickets to Hawaii, which were, of course, sold out almost instantly. (Though, you can find $300 round-trip flights in a new sale.) This deal isn't quite that jaw-dropping, but an STA sale will allow you to fly round-trip to London for less than $500.

STA Travel, "the world's largest student and youth travel agent," has partnered with Visit Britain to offer 18 to 35-year-old travelers bargain-priced tickets to London through March 31. (There are non-age-restricted deals below this one, as well.) One-way flights can be found for as little as $163. However, return flights aren't quite that cheap.

Nonetheless, you'll find round-trip tickets from Boston for $426, New York for $443, Chicago for $452, Houston for $460, San Francisco for $473, and Los Angeles for $594. The majority of the discounted flights are through airlines that won't ding you with other fees. Airlines on the low-priced tickets include American Airlines, KLM, United Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, and Air France. 

If you're over 35 or interested in packing like a boss and rolling the dice on a budget airline, there are other discounts out there as well. You can head over to Google Flights and find a lot of cheap tickets from budget airlines. You can find round-trip tickets for $350 from Chicago (WOW), $355 from Boston (Norwegian), $360 from New York (WOW), $367 from Pittsburgh (WOW), $400 from Los Angeles (WOW), $408 from San Francisco (WOW), and $482 from Orlando (West Jet).

Though, remember to dig into those prices before clicking "buy." Most budget airlines are going to stick you with fees for baggage, food, and seat reservations before the end.

If you're looking to do London on the cheap, these flights are a damn good place to get started. 

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