Whoa, Roundtrip Flights to Europe are $300 Right Now Through June

Summer's officially over, and America's getting chilly again. While fleeing to Europe won't make you any warmer exactly, you still deserve a little something for putting up with the cold. And luckily for you, giving yourself a trip to look forward to is extremely cheap right now.

Icelandair is offering roundtrip flights to Europe for under $300 as part of a promotion that'll last until June 2018. The deals are celebrating Icelandair's new airfare category, Economy Light (more on that in a minute), and feature flights from all over the United States to Europe.

The most unbelievable deal -- since it starts on the West Coast and ends across the pond -- is a March flight from Seattle to Helsinki, Finland for $298. Other highlights include trips from NYC to Paris for $327 and from NYC to Copenhagen or Amsterdam for just over $300. The cheapest months for a trip vary from city to city, so it's worth doing some sleuthing on the airline's site. Generally, though, spring vacations are looking mighty cheap.

Google Flights
Google Flights

Again, these deals are promoting Icelandair's new Economy Light airfare category, so there's a catch. As part of a burgeoning class of spartan flight options, Economy Light means you keep extra money for croissants and whatever the folks of Helsinki eat in exchange for having no room for souvenirs except the wisdom of experience. You'll be paying $95 for every bag you check, and with these new fares, that could be the price of another ticket to Europe. As long as you're willing to pack light, though, it's a seriously great deal.

You should also keep in mind that you can double down on your time abroad: All of these flights stop in Reykjavik, Iceland, and Icelandair offers free, week-long stopovers to those interested in seeing an incredible country and possibly trying fermented shark meat.

So get packing (lightly).

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