Quick, Flights to Hawaii Are On Sale Right Now

cheap flights to hawaii

It's summer now, which might make you momentarily forget the fresh hell of winter. Remember it now, so when the weather turns crap, you'll have an escape plan, because there are cheap flights to Hawaii available right now through United. Some of the flights are for the late summer, but the low fares stretch from August into March 2018. 

Using the ITA Matrix Airfare Search, you can track down flights to both Honolulu and Kona on the Big Island for as little as $362. Going into Kona, there are flights well below seasonal averages from Seattle and Portland for $362, Vancouver for $411 ($548 CAD), Edmonton for $475 ($633 CAD), and Houston for $602. (That's not dirt cheap, but well below the $918 average for September cited by Fare Detective.)

There are also more limited flights available from Seattle and Portland to Honolulu for $362.

cheap flights to Hawaii
Screengrab matrix.itasoftware.com

To take advantage of these prices, use the ITA Matrix Airfare Search. Enter "HNL" for Honolulu or "KOA" for Kona. Select the advanced routing codes and add "ua+" in the first field for both departure city and destination. In the second field, enter "f bc=G."

Below those fields, check "see calendar of available fares" and add "3-10" for length of stay. Boom. You're on your way to taking that vacation you thought you'd never take.

As ever, the prices are available at the time of publication, but good fares move fast.

h/t The Flight Deal

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