One-Way Flights to Europe Are $175 Right Now, in Case You Want Out

Published On 11/09/2016 Published On 11/09/2016
Cheap One-Way Tickets to Paris

Maybe you've got a solid month of vacation days banked; maybe you're impulsive and want to see what life's like across the pond; maybe you've decided you just really wanna expatriate all of a sudden, for no specific reason at all. 

Whatever your situation, you're in luck: Portuguese airline TAP is offering a cluster of ultra cheap one-way flights between major European destinations and several transit hubs on the east coast of the United States, available for an extremely limited time. If you're looking for a breath of fresh EU air, this is your jam.


Destinations include Rome, Milan, Barcelona, Madrid, and Paris, with flights departing from New York and Boston priced at around $180pp, and from Miami at roughly $200. These fares are valid for itineraries from January through March of 2017 -- perfect timing for off-season travel, no matter the impetus. Or perhaps even specifically because of the new imPOTUS.

Google Flights

As The Flight Deal points out, you'll need to search for the fares through flight search websites like ITA Software Matrix Airfare Search or Google Flights to see sample itineraries. You'll wanna jump on it, though, as these deals tend to sell out quickly -- especially in times of high demand.

It's worth repeating, though: these are one-way flights, available in one direction only. If you're planning on returning to the United States, you'll have to pony up the dough for a full-price return ticket separately. If you're not... well, send us a postcard, and enjoy getting used to the idea of pay toilets.

Gianni Jaccoma is an editor for Thrillist. He went to Europe earlier this year, and it was pretty nice. Follow him to the promised land/a whiskey bar on Twitter @gjaccoma



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