4 Roundtrip Flights to Europe You Can Book Right Now for Less Than $600

The experts at Going just shared the best current deals on travel to Europe.

If summer was for flashy trips, then fall is for finding super cheap flights and traveling for half the cost. The cheap flight aficionados over at Going (f.k.a. Scott's Cheap Flights) have flagged some of the most standout flight deals you can find for travel between October and January. Below are four flights to some of the most popular European destinations, all for less than $600. All prices are subject to change and are within a $10 to $25 range of the exact prices you'll be able to find:

  • Newark or Boston to Dublin, Ireland for ~$360 (normal price $930)
  • Los Angeles to Amsterdam, Netherlands for ~$458 (normal price $2,230)
  • Miami or San Francisco to Turin, Italy for ~$582 (normal price $950)
  • Philadelphia to Rome, Italy for ~$523 (normal price $800)

For the flights from Newark or Boston to Dublin, you’ll be able to find low prices for travel at the end of October, throughout November and into early December. The LA to Amsterdam cheap flights can be found in November, early December, and January. For flights to Turin, the Miami deals can be found for travel dates during the end of October and early December, and the San Francisco deals can be found throughout October and in early December. Those Philly to Rome flights will be for travel dates between November and early December.

It's important to note that the above flight prices don't include flights during Christmas and New Year's. Going spokesperson Katy Nastro advises that travelers seeking out these prices on their own open the calendar view on Google Flights, and adjust date ranges for the above routes, to see when the prices will be cheapest.

"I would also suggest clicking 1 stop or fewer for a filter to ensure they are getting the most direct routes," Nastro told Thrillist. If you don't want to navigate Google Flights on your own, Going offers these kinds of deals to their subscribers all the time. There are free and paid versions of the service.

Like any great cheap flight, these prices won't last long. So if you've been thinking about heading to one of these destinations, you'll need to be quick if you want to get these prices.

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