Hurry Up and Get a Summer Flight to Iceland for Just $250

Published On 02/23/2017 Published On 02/23/2017
Cheap Flights to Iceland

There are a ton of reasons you should think about taking your summer vacation in Iceland. Maybe it's because you know it's gorgeous in the summer. Maybe because you know the Ring Road is an incredible road trip. Maybe you just need to let the president know how you feel about pineapple on pizza.

Or maybe it's just because there are very cheap flights to Reykjavik available right now. With flights out a number of U.S. cities, WOW Air is offering roundtrip tickets for as little as $250. 


WOW Air tends to make things look good with one-way prices in advertisements, but even after clicking through the roundtrip prices (including taxes) are enticing. From Boston, you can get to Reykjavik for just $250. From Los Angeles and Miami, it's only $260. Out of San Francisco and Washington D.C., tickets are $300. There are also $320 tickets from New York City and $370 tickets from Pittsburgh available in the sale. 

There are frequently reasonable prices on trips to Iceland, but $250 is a good price in the summer. However, remember that WOW Air is a budget airline, which means to truly take the trip at the stated ticket price, you'll need to travel with a light carry-on. Their baggage fees can add up quickly.

But that's fine. Just layer up. Swimsuit under your flying clothes. Wear a coat with a ton of pockets and tell airport security you get cold easily. That's why you're dressed like you're headed to the south pole in the middle of July. This? You always carry shaving cream in your breast pocket.

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