The Cheapest International Travel Destinations Right Now

The cost of international travel is up by 25% in 2023, and travelers are feeling the strain.

We've already seen our friends and family go into debt and skip grocery shopping in order to pay for summer vacations this year. And while not everyone is having a European Summer, a whopping 85% of Americans are expected to take some sort of trip this season. For those of you traveling internationally, prices for a vacation are up 25% compared to last year and the average cost is more than $7,800 according to Squaremouth.

Even with all of the savings in the world, $7,800 is still a lot of money to spend on a trip. Squaremouth ran the numbers to determine which international destinations are actually affordable for a summer vacation, based on insured trip costs. Here are the 10 cheapest international vacation destinations, plus the average cost of trips there.

1. Colombia, $3,344
2. Mexico, $3,878
3. Puerto Rico, $3,907
4. Bermuda, $4,479
5. Dominican Republic, $4,497
6. Bahamas, $4,658
7. Jamaica, $4,698
8. Aruba, $4,917
9. Vietnam, $5,181
10. Philippines, $5,330

If this list of destinations looks appealing but you're not sure where to start planning don't worry. Thrillist has guides on what to do in Colombia, where to find your happy spot in Aruba, where to support small businesses in Puerto Rico, the undersung destinations in Mexico, and endless other sources of inspiration and essential information for every spot on this list.

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