These Are the Cheapest States to Live in Based on Square Footage

For anyone looking for a home with more space, this is information you need.

Throughout the pandemic, plenty of people realized that the way they were living was not what they really wanted. That was especially true for the people who started to feel cramped in tight apartment spaces and were craving more square footage both inside and outside.

Earlier this month, Thrillist shared the 2022 ranking of the best states to live in—based on factors like affordability, economy, and healthcare. Now, we've got fresh data from Angi on which states are the most wallet-friendly based on the average price of property square footage. This ranking is especially useful for those of you who want your next home to have room for frolicking.

Courtesy of Angi

According to the data, the state with the cheapest average cost per square foot is Mississippi at just $5.71. Meanwhile, square footage in Hawaii averages to be the most expensive, at $110.86 per square foot. Massachusetts, recently ranked as the best state to live in by WalletHub, has a $38.25 average cost per square foot.

That’s not the only info that Angi gathered on property sizes. According to the company’s findings "newer homes tend to have smaller lot sizes," while "large lots can create affordability issues for potential homebuyers." Even in a place where square footage is cheap, if lots average larger overall, you’ll still be paying more money.

Unsurprisingly, dense urban areas have smaller lots on average and tend to be more expensive. If you think about rent prices in major cities like New York, it definitely makes sense.

To play around with data and explore options on where you can live in wide open spaces with a real world budget, check out this interactive data table below. 

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