Here's When the World's Most Popular Destinations Are Cheapest to Visit

New data shows you can save up to 85% on your hotel by traveling during off-peak months.

It’s fair to assume that some of the world's most iconic travel destinations are on everyone's bucket list, and getting to finally visit them is surely a win. But do you want to know what’s a bigger win than that? Saving major money on your hotel stay when you actually do make it there.

The travel experts over at Bounce, a luggage storage company, just released the results from a new study on the highest possible hotel savings by month when looking at the world’s top destinations. To do so, the team considered 60 of the world's most popular destinations, and then analyzed the average cost of a three-star hotel, taking into account both the months of the year as well as the days of the week.

According to the study, the Maldives offer the cheapest rates when visiting during the off-peak season. With a nightly price difference of 85% less than the most expensive month (which is January), August is the cheapest time to visit the Malé in the Maldives. To put it in a numbers perspective, the average nightly three-star hotel cost in January is $2,425, while in August it is $364. If you’re willing to put up with a higher chance of rain, August is surely the most budget-friendly time to visit the gorgeous country and its atolls.

The silver medal for savings went to Heraklion, the Greek capital of the island Crete. If you decide to visit the destination in November, you can save up to 77.5% in hotel prices compared to September, the destination's most popular month. That is likely due to the end of the summer season and, therefore, less travel demand. Temperatures won’t be as warm, but it will still be pleasant if you are planning to visit historical sites rather than laying out on the beach.

Egypt’s capital city of Cairo got the third spot on the list, where hotel prices drop by 76.7% if you visit in February instead of July. Similar to Heraklion, temperatures won’t be as hot as they would be for a summer trip, but they’ll still be comfortable enough to enjoy Cairo’s culture and historical sites.

Check out the complete list of the destinations that offer the biggest off-peak savings on hotels, along with which month it is cheapest to visit and how much you'll save, below:

1. Malé, the Maldives—85% savings in August
2. Heraklion, Crete, Greece—77.5% savings in November
3. Cairo, Egypt—76.6% savings in February
4. Chiang Mai, Thailand—73.5% savings in May
5. Athens—73.2% savings in January
6. Florence—73.1% savings in February
7. Phuket, Thailand—73% savings in May
8. Venice—72.5% savings in February
9. Denpasar, Indonesia—72.4% savings in January
10. Kyoto—68.9% savings in June

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