Cheetos Dust Will Be on Display at Miami's Art Basel

The original work is made entirely out of Cheetle, also known as Cheetos dust.

Stephen Coburn/Shutterstock
Stephen Coburn/Shutterstock

Cheetos are known for being packed full of flavor. So packed, in fact, that they turn your fingers bright orange with each chip you grab from the bag. Most people lick that dust off their fingers once they're finished, but others, it seems, have more creative uses for it, like using it to make art.

According to The Takeout, LL COOL J's lifestyle brand Rock The Bells is teaming up with Cheetos to create a Cheeto dust work of art that will debut at Miami Art Week as part of Art Basel. Famed street artist Lefty Out There will unveil an original work made entirely out of Cheetle, the official name for the Cheetos dust.

Before dabbling in Cheeto art, Lefty Out There worked with prestigious brands and names. As reported by The Takeout, he's collaborated with Nike, Adidas, Megan Thee Stallion, Bad Bunny, and Chance the Rapper. He will display his latest piece at the "Yacht The Basel: The Art of the Cheetle" exhibit, which opens on December 4. It will feature eight original works made from and inspired by Cheetos.

The event is invite-only, so you'll have to wait for people to post pictures if you aren't on the list. However, if you are invited, you can expect to enjoy a live DJ, musical performance, cocktails, and "luxury Cheetos-inspired cuisine." Some folks have all the luck.

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