This Cheese Advent Calendar Is Better Than a Regular Advent Calendar

Published On 11/29/2016 Published On 11/29/2016

There are some things in this world that compliment each other quite seamlessly. Peanut butter and jelly. Ren and Stimpy. Penn and Teller. Cheese and Christmas.

The last pairing might sound a bit odd at first blush, but when viewed in the context of this glorious advent calendar -- which is filled with cheese instead of the usual trappings of chocolate -- things start to sound enticing. Now you can count down the days to Christmas with a daily dairy infusion.

Made by London-based food blogger Annem Hobson, the cheese advent calendar is that hidden stroke of genius someone was bound to invent, but never did because they probably weren’t smart enough. If you’ve never enjoyed an advent calendar, they’re the things grandma might’ve unleashed upon the family during the holidays, and they were great because they provided an excuse to ingest candy at a frequency typically frowned upon by parents who understand rotting teeth and diabetes. 

Understandably, this thing is taking the snackeratti by storm. Some celebrities are down with it, too:

The cheese advent calendar isn’t officially on the market yet, but you, the ever-powerful consumer, can quicken its rush to market by expressing your interest on Hobson’s website. With enough signatures, you might be snacking through healthy morsels of gruyere and smoked gouda en route to a very satisfied holiday season.

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