This Cheese-Filled Advent Calendar Is Back for the Holidays

cheese advent calendar so wrong it's nom cheddar
Courtesy of So Wrong It's Nom
Courtesy of So Wrong It's Nom

Imagine the 12 days of Christmas, doubled, and done without all the birds (who needs a partridge in a pear tree and seven swans, anyway?). Replace all of that instead with 24 days of cheese and you'll get the cheese advent calendar, a salty delight for December brought to you by food blogger Annem Hobson and Norseland, a cheese purveyor slinging out thoughtfully crafted cheeses. 

After growing her successful food blog, So Wrong It's Nom, Hobson turned her energies to a #CheeseNotChoc campaign to do away with the chocolates found in a typical advent calendar and bring to light the holiday powers of cheese. I mean, why not both? But also thank you for using your power to give us a cheese advent calendar.

"Thousands of people have supported my #CheeseNotChoc campaign, and I’m so proud of how far the Cheese Advent Calendar has come. Over the past year, I’ve had countless Tweets and emails asking me to try my best to get the calendar to more stockists in the US," Hobson said in a press release. "I’m absolutely thrilled we’ve managed to make this dream come true. With every single cheesy invention I make, I want to bring the fans along the journey. Without them, none of this would be possible." 

The advent calendar is stocked with 24 pieces of English cheese. There's Jarlsberg, a uniquely nutty cheese; applewood cheddar, which is known for its smoky flavor and the inclusion of paprika; mature cheddar from Ilchester; crumbly red Leicester cheese; and mild Wensleydale cheese studded with cranberries. Every day on the cal features a savory treat.

You can get your own cheese advent calendar at Target, Publix, and a handful of other retailers. Though it's dependent on the retailer, the cheese calendar clocks in at around $20. My suggestion? Buy a cheese and chocolate advent calendar, do daily pairings, and ultimately win at life. Get a hard seltzer advent calendar if you're feeling extra frisky.

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