The Cheesecake Factory Has 15 New Menu Items, Including Street Corn

Just when you thought the viral TikTok corn song was out of your head.

Just when you thought the viral TikTok corn song was out of your head, I've got a reason for you to start singing it again. The Cheesecake Factory's already extensive menu is growing by 15 new dishes, including fire-roasted corn "ribs" doused in parmesan, chile-lime mayonnaise, and cilantro. It's a big lump of knobs! I can't imagine a more beautiful thing!

The menu update includes all-new brunch favorites, appetizers, pasta, flatbreads, and even a new cheesecake flavor.

Courtesy of The Cheesecake Factory
Courtesy of The Cheesecake Factory

Here's the full lineup of new menu items:

  • Street Corn: fire-roasted corn "ribs" smothered in parmesan, chile-lime mayonnaise, and cilantro
  • Asparagus Fries: fresh asparagus lightly coated with crispy parmesan breadcrumbs
  • Spicy Tuna: ahi tuna on crispy sushi rice with ginger and green onion sprinkled on top
  • Ahi Poke Nachos: crispy wontons doused with Hawaiian-style ahi tuna poke and topped with avocado, green onion, chiles, sesame seeds, and sriracha aioli
  • Cacio E Pepe Flatbread Pizza: flatbread crust covered in romano and parmesan cheese with freshly ground pepper
  • Bee Sting Flatbread Pizza: Italian sausage, pepperoni, bacon, and Calabrian chiles with mozzarella, parmesan, and honey drizzled on top
  • California Chopped Salad: mixed greens, avocado, green beans, shrimp, tomato, egg, bacon, and vinaigrette
  • Harvest Chicken Salad: grilled chicken with apples, grapes, almonds, chilled greens, quinoa, and feta cheese tossed with vinaigrette and drizzled with honey-yogurt
  • Cacio E Pepe Pasta: spaghetti with romano and parmesan cheese, arugula, and freshly ground pepper
  • Cacio E Pepe Pasta with Chicken: grilled chicken and spaghetti with romano and parmesan cheese, arugula, and freshly ground pepper
  • Spicy Rigatoni Vodka Pasta: rigatoni pasta with Italian cherry tomatoes, parmesan, fresh basil, and pancetta topped with a spicy vodka sauce
  • Seared Ahi Tuna: seared ahi tuna with ginger fried rice garnished with fresh bean sprouts, sesame, cilantro, and sriracha aioli
  • Lemon-Herb Parmesan Chicken: sautéed chicken breast with parmesan, tomato, basil, garlic, and white wine, served with fresh asparagus
  • Spicy Shrimp Pasta: rigatoni with sautéed shrimp, fresh tomato, basil, garlic, and spicy tomato sauce
  • Bacon and Avocado Benedict: poached eggs with bacon, avocado, tomato, arugula, and a Calabrian hollandaise sauce on a grilled English muffin

To wash it all down, guests can also sample a new lineup of cocktails, including the tropical Paradise Colada, Sangria Rosa, Strawberry Mule, and Espresso Martini. There's a new non-alcoholic Peach Lemonade too. 

As for that cheesecake flavor (I know you were waiting with bated breath!), The Classic Basque Cheesecake is a super creamy cheesecake base with a "burnt" top covered in fresh berries. It's kind of giving crème brulée, no? See you at the brown bread basket. 

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Megan Schaltegger is a Staff Writer on the News team at Thrillist.