Cheetos Is Selling a Jewelry Set, and It Costs $20,000. Really.

As you know from years of experience eating Cheetos, every bag comes with at least two stylish accessories you can wear for free: the cheesy trail of crumbs on your shirt and the startlingly bright orange cheese dust that stains your fingers. But now, the dangerously cheesy snack brand is taking its fashion and style game to a lavish new extreme, with the launch of a new line of luxury Cheetos gifts, including a $20,000 gold and diamond jewelry set.

Really, folks. The insanely expensive junk food bling is called the Eye of the Cheetah from the Chestora Jewelry Collection and there's literally only one set available for purchase in the world, according to Cheetos. Here's how the company describes the literally one-of-a-kind three-piece set:

"Shimmer and sparkle wherever you go with this dazzling 18k yellow gold ring and earring set that highlights the magnificent tail of yours truly. The ring features a lavish orange sapphire, carat weight 4.7, while each earring boasts matching orange sapphires, total carat weight 2.89. The entire set is encrusted with over 190 black and white diamonds, total carat weight 3.0."

Well, damn. Then again, the set will cost you about what you paid for a year of college tuition. And in case you need additional perspective, you could buy more than 450 64-count boxes of large single serving bags of Cheetos on Amazon for that much cheddar.

The holiday gift lineup also includes several other decidedly cheesy designer items, such as Chester Cheetah’s Cheesy Cuffs ($69)Cheeteau Perfume ($19), and Flamin' Hot Pants ($60). You can gawk at the stuff over at Cheetos' online store, which even comes with the disclaimer, "seriously for sale."

Anyway, if you're into snack-inspired gifts, the entire lineup went on sale late last week and will be available exclusively via the Cheetos store through December 31st (while supplies last). But if you're prone to having Cheetos-stained fingers, though, you might want to be careful when handling the fancy designer Cheetos clothing, which is pretty damn ironic, right? 

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Tony Merevick is Cities News Editor at Thrillist and thinks cans of Cheetos dust is what they should really start selling. Send news tips to and follow him on Twitter @tonymerevick.