Chewbacca Singing 'Silent Night' Is the Christmas Carol You Deserve

Christmas is in three days and Star Wars: Rogue One is the marquee film of the holiday season. So some genius did the math and created a video of Chewbacca’s classic rendition of “Silent Night,” where the wookie’s vocal chops really tap into the spirit of universal love and merriment.

The video also suffices as a highlight reel of Chewbacca’s best moments as he pals around with Hans Solo, reminding everyone why he’s the world’s favorite space-monster. The Chewbacca version of “Silent Night” was originally pieced together by Scott Anderson, and it remains celebrated on his personal website with its own dedicated page and exhaustive backstory. 

It also happens that Anderson’s original score spawned a maelstrom of pretty regrettable Chewbacca Christmas carols.

Anderson even crafted an album cover for the tune, dubbing the single “Christmas with Chewbacca.”

Anderson allowed James Covenant of the How It Should Have Ended YouTube to channel to assemble the supercut, which is reminding everyone how great a combination wookies and the holidays are.

Merry Christmas Chewbacca, you filthy animal.

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