Chex Mix Is Bringing Back an Iconic Part of Its Mix After 10 Years

The king of mixes, Sir Mix-a-Lot, is helping the brand with the salty snack's return.

They say that everything good can't last forever, but that doesn't mean that great things can't come back. Such is the case with the bagel chip, once the favored and a widely beloved component of Chex Mix. Until one day, a decade ago, Chex Mix decided to take it away. I guess Chex thought it wouldn't be missed too much. Well, they were wrong.

Many people spent years signing petitions, making calls, and posting on social media begging Chex Mix to bring back the salty, crunchy, bagel-y part of Chex Mix. And thankfully, after a decade, Chex Mix heeded the bagel chip's pleading fans. They understood the gravity of the situation and marked its return with the proper amount of fanfare.

The bagel chip is back! And Sir Mix-a-Lot has been enlisted to help announce the news with a remix of "Baby Got Back." Can you guess the title of the song? I bet you can. It's called "Bagel is Back," and it's fun. An anthem for the return of the bagel chip and also for the three weeks in spring when I'm too depressed to eat anything but a bagel from the deli, and the man I order it from looks increasingly worried as I arrive and order a sesame bagel for the ninth day in a row.

Taking a few minutes from his day to speak with me about all things remixes and Chex Mix, Sir Mix-a-Lot shares that his favorite part of Chex Mix is actually not the bagel chip. "I'm old school. Give me the actual original Chex, every morning. Just every morning," Sir Mix-a-Lot tells me over Zoom. "I'm not saying that because I'm getting down with the company. I actually eat them every morning. The Honey Nut Chex."

When asked what else should be remixed, beyond his era-defining song about luscious booties to be about the crispy (round?) bagel chip, Sir Mix-a-Lot veered from the topic of food entirely.

"Electric cars. I don't have one but I want to get one. But why do they all have to look like a bar of soap? Give me some unnecessary fins and stuff, just so I can say this car is cool," Sir Mix-a-Lot says. "Gimme a little fake noise. I like the fake noise."

While more exciting-looking electric cars might be something for the future, you can get the bagel chip Chex Mix right now from stores nationwide for $3.99.

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